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Sports-Specific Endurance Performance Testing with gas analysis in Madrid Spain Imtra Incoma Clinic

Sports Medicine
Sports Medicine consists of several sections.

Sports-Specific Endurance Performance Testing with gas analysis (VO2max)

(Treadmill or bicycle ergometer) resting electrocardiogram, blood pressure, endurance test with analysis of gases (oxygen consumption, aerobic and anaerobic thresholds). Health assessment at maximium effort levels. Recommendations as to exercise intensity during workouts and training sessions.

Medical-sports examination checkup

Analysis of clinical history, general medical and musculoskeletal examination, blood pressure testing, resting electrocardiogram, spirometry, percentage body fat measurement, strength assessment, flexibility assessment, physical endurance fitness test analysis of gases (oxygen consumption, aerobic and anaerobic thresholds) assessment of state of health at rest and during exercise. estabishment of the degree of fitness for sport (in general) or a particular sport.

What is a physical endurance fitness test?

Lactate test

Testing to assess the aerobic-anaerobic transition while on the treadmill and cycle ergometer using capillary blood from the fingertip with individualized protocols. This is particularly recommended prior to professional and amateur competitions to determine optimal rates depending on the distance. The lactate test may be programed according to the calendar of the athlete's season.

Sports medicine consultation

Diagnosis of pathologies of Sports Medicine including both physical injuries and alterations that may be associated with physical exercise together with personalized advice.

Study of body composition (Cineantropometría)

Anthropometry and body composition via skinfold measurements and muscle circumferences to determine body composition in terms of bone weight, muscle weight and fat weight. Determination of optimum weight for a particular sport and overall bone structure.

Sports Certificates

A sports federation form certificate can be signed to confirm test results. This can include resting electrocardiogram, spirometry and functional testing.


Analysis is according to the parameters set. There can be specialist analysis for athletes, determining parameters of systemic overload, kidney, liver, muscles etc.
Sports medicine in IMTRA Incoma
Please note that certain services set out above may be carried out in conjunction with sports medicine partners.
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