Thursday, 20 November 2014

IMTRA Incoma is a wheelchair friendly clinic

IMTRA Incoma is wheelchair friendly

The IMTRA Incoma clinic is 100% wheelchair friendly. We have absolutely no architectural barriers in any part of the clinic that might cause problems for our patients with physical disabilities or reduced mobility. Everything is at street level without stairs or other obstacles. This allows full and easy access for all our patients for the physiotherapy room, HBOT oxygen therapy chamber, open MRI scanning, conventional radiology, doctor and surgeon consultation rooms and our own in-house- dental practice.

Wheelchair available for car and ambulance transfer

You can also request a wheelchair from us if you need to transfer from your car to the clinic. There is always a wheelchair  reserved for ambulances right at the door to help patients with reduced mobility to and from their vehicle.

Doctor Enrique Galindo Andújar

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